11/33kv, 40ka Spring Charging Mechanism

Features :

  • High performance reliability.
  • Trip free mechanism suitable for repeated auto reclosing duty.
  • Totally enclosed construction for spring charging motor.
  • Over charging protection.
  • Superior mechanical endurance values, maintenance required only after 10,000 operations.

Dimension Details:

  • 1. Height : 400 mm
  • 2.Width : 380 mm
  • 3.Depth : 220 mm
  • 4.Mounting pitch : Height - 190 mm, Width - 127 mm
  • 5.Weight - ~ 27Kgs.

The Operating Mechanism consists of:

  • A spring charging unit which can be charged manually or electrically by a geared motor.
  • Mechanical indicator showing spring charged/discharged condition.
  • Indicator for open/close position of the circuit breaker.
  • Closing/tripping solenoids for performing closing/opening operation of the circuit breaker electrically.
  • The NC contact of the cut-off switch is opened whenever the spring gets charged and interrupting the motor circuit.
  • Over charging protection is enabled, i.e., If the cut-off gets failure, there is no issue to Motor.
  • The closing and opening operations can be carried out by means of the energy stored in the operating mechanism. Double Spiral spring is used to carry out the closing and opening operation of the breaker

Technical specifications:

Nominal system voltage 11/33 KV
Rated Current 630 / 1250 / 1600 A
Mechanism Type Motor wound spring operated.
Operating method  Motor / Manual.
Charging time 10 sec (max).
Manual charging 30 Rotation from the initial charging position.
Motor operating voltage   230V AC/DC
Charging motor power 350 - 400W
Trip /Close coil Rating 24 / 30 / 110 / 220 V DC - 400W