Earth Switch

Features :

  • Resin Cast Insulators
  • Silver/Tin Plated Electrolytic Copper
  • Tinned Braided Copper for Grounding
  • Rear Wall Mounted Type
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Installation
  • Used with High air Humidity and Occasional conditional


  • Three Pairs of Earth blades are located at freely moveable Operating Shaft
  • All are Electrically connected with short circuit bridge
  • Earth Potential to be connected at Mounting brackets by Stranded Copper conductor
  • Fitted with Snap action for High speed Closing
  • Driver levers and toggle springs located between the bearing brackets
  • In the Opening process, the toggle springs have no effect on the speed of contact separation

Techinical Specifications:

Rated Voltage 12 KV 12 KV
Nominal System Voltage 11 KV 11 KV
Rated Short time withstand Current 25KA/1 Sec 40KA/1 Sec
Power Freq. withstand Voltage
Impulse withstand Voltage
63 KA
28 KV rms
100 KA
28 KV rms
Impulse withstand Voltage 75 KV peak 75 KV peak
Rated Frequency c 50 Hz
Number of Phases 3 3

Design Specifications:

11KV/25KA 11KV/40KA
Installation Indoor & Outdoor
Mounting Type Rear Wall Mounted
Operating Method Manual Manual / Motor
Charging Motor Rating ---- 220V AC/DC, 80W
Weight ~ 24 Kg ~ 25 Kg
Phase – Phase Distance 178 mm 240 mm
Height 400 mm 465
Depth 265 mm 248
Width 560 mm 730
Operating Angle 90°
Output Travel 30 mm
Contact Force ≈ 780N
Contact Pressure ≈ 560N
Operating Road Length 1000 mm with 600 mm Insulation
Auxiliary Contact 2NO + 2NC (250V AC, 5 A)