Auxiliary Switch

Features :

  • Unlimited Switching combinations.
  • High durability & Switching endurance.
  • Uses of Bimetal contacts for high electrical & thermal conductivity.
  • NO +NC operations can be obtained frequently.
  • Superior insulation materials ensure electrical and mechanical stability.

Technical Specifications:

Rated Operating Voltage 240V DC
Rated Operating Current 8A - 250V AC , 2A - 250V AC , 15A - 24V DC
Dielectric property 2.5KV/min
Electrical Endurance 10000 Operations as per IEC/EN 60947-7-1
Mechanical Endurance 10000 Operations as Per IEC 62271-102:2002
Operating type Snap & Wipe
Numbers of NO+ NC’s 2-12
Operating Angle 60˚ & 45˚
Contacts Bimetal & Copper
Mounting Bracket As per Customer's Requirement.

Applications :-

Since Rotary cam auxiliary switches are versatile to for switching AC as well as DC. They can be applied in the followings,

  • High voltage & Medium Voltage VCBS.
  • Gas Circuit Breakers.
  • Isolators.
  • Load Breaker Switches.
  • Control Panels.
  • SF6 Circuit Breakers.